Illicit & Terrorist Financing

Insight Threat Intelligence offers a number of unique services to enhance any organization’s understanding of terrorist and illicit financing. By educating professionals about how terrorist and illicit financing occurs, organizations can better devise effective compliance and risk-reduction measures specific for their needs. Insight focuses on the methods that illicit actors use (rather than the laws and regulations already in place), allowing professionals to move from a rules-based approach to compliance and counter-terrorist / illicit financing to one based on evidence, encouraging them to adopt an adaptive  approach to compliance and detection of illicit actors, and more effectively manage their organization’s needs and risks.

Insight provides a number of services aimed at enhancing professionals’ knowledge of terrorist and illicit financing:

  • Backgrounders on illicit financing actors and illicit financing methods. These backgrounders highlight how terrorist groups and illicit actors finance their activities, emerging financing methods (including FINTECH and cryptocurrencies), and geographic risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Expert advice and knowledge to assist investigations. This service offering allows Insight to interact directly with professionals as they investigate illicit or terrorist financing, helping analysts and risk professionals manage their leads, prioritize areas of inquiry, and formulate reports and advice to management.

  • Training on identifying illicit financing actors, understanding the various ways they finance their activities, and how to effectively manage and advance a financing investigation.

These services aim to enhance the abilities of compliance officers, police and security service investigators, intelligence analysts, policy analysts, and others involved in the countering of illicit financing to detect and deter illicit financing actors.


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