Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysis is a discipline that can be applied in any organization seeking to understanding threats and reduce risks. Insight can use its expertise and experience to help your organization effectively train, deploy and use intelligence analysis.

Insight offers the following services:

  • Research design and bespoke methodologies. Insight can help your organization identify intelligence priorities and questions, and then answer them using methodologies adapted to your organization’s needs and information sources. Whether your organization requires open-source research, or needs to make better use of its information, Insight can assist in designing bespoke intelligence collection and analysis methodologies.
  • Analytic training and coaching. Insight can assist your organization in maximizing its impact and resource use by enhancing the training of your analysts through structured training sessions or one-on-one coaching.
  • Management of intelligence analysis: Insight can also help management better use the intelligence produced by helping them become better consumers of intelligence, focusing on the questions they ask their analysts and ensuring that they understand the methodologies and sources used.