IS-Afghanistan financing through kidnappings for ransom

The Islamic State in Afghanistan has financed some of its terrorist attacks and activities in Pakistan through kidnappings for ransom.

Three men were arrested in Karachi for financing the Islamic State in Afghanistan through kidnappings for ransom. The men conducted 5-6 kidnappings and sent the money to the Islamic State in Afghanistan through hundi and hawala networks, as well as through bank accounts used to transfer funds to Afghanistan. The Islamic State earmarked the funds to conduct terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Analysis: Kidnappings for ransom are a lucrative source of funds for terrorist groups. Increasingly, terrorist organizations are conducting low-profile kidnappings of individuals in their area of control or influence in order to raise money. The terrorist organizations seek to avoid media coverage of their activities as this can reduce the likelihood of a ransom being paid and complicate negotiations.

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Jessica DavisComment