Terrorist Activity Indicators

Insight Threat Intelligence offers training, advice, and best practices for the development and use of indicators to detect terrorist activity. While effective, this approach can be challenging for organizations to implement without the required expertise.

Insight offers the following services:

  • Introductory training on indicators for terrorism investigations. Insight provides an overview of the importance of behaviour-based indicators for terrorism investigations, how terrorist indicators have evolved over the years, social science research into indicators, and the current state of indicator practice across various countries and law enforcement and security agencies.
  • Bespoke indicator development. Every organization, whether law enforcement, security service, financial institution, etc has access to unique data. As such, in order for indicators to be applied effectively, they need to be developed and tailored specifically to the data available. Insight offers both indicator development services and  training on how to develop indicators for your organization.


For more information on the value of indicators for terrorism investigations, check out CSIS’s publication.