Women In Terrorism

Over the course of history, women have generally accounted for between 15-25% of membership in terrorist organizations. However, many law enforcement and security organizations have overlooked the role of women in terrorist groups. In order to effectively detect and prevent the growing threat of women involved in terrorist organizations, Insight offers a number of services. 

Insight offers the following services:

  • Background briefings on the role of women in terrorism. These briefings cover a range of terrorist organizations and include statistics on the rate of participation of women in terrorist groups, their roles, and the specific nature of female radicalization.
  • Advice and expertise to support ongoing investigations. Insight offers interactive advice and expertise for investigations involving female subjects. This can involve investigative techniques used, source recruitment, evaluation and deployment, and lines of inquiry.
  • Analysis and briefings on women in ISIL and emerging terrorist organizations. Insight offers situational awareness briefings and forecasting services to ensure that your organization is well positioned to understand the next evolution of women in terrorism.


For more information, check out Women in Modern Terrorism, an authoritative guide to women in extremist groups, authored by Jessica.