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Insight Threat Intelligence brings intelligence and evidence to decision-making on security issues. We work with governments, international organizations, academics and private companies in a variety of sectors. We help them understand and exploit intelligence by providing expert analysis. We use current intelligence and social science methods to bring rigour to our products, and expand on those techniques by using technology to ensure that information is collected, managed, and presented in the most effective means possible. We also seek to shape the national and international dialogue on security issues by presenting evidence-based analysis and expertise. 


Service Offerings

Illicit & Terrorist Financing

Backgrounders and briefings on illicit financing actors and illicit financing methods.

Expert advice and knowledge to assist in investigations.

Training on illicit financing actors and methods.

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Terrorist Activity

Best practices for using indicators in investigations. 

Creating bespoke indicators for your organization.

Identifying indicators using your data (bespoke methodology).

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Women in

Historical overview of women’s roles in terrorism.

Advice and expertise to support ongoing investigations.

Analysis and briefings on women in ISIL.

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Research design and methodologies.

Open source intelligence collection and analysis. 

Analytic training and coaching.

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